Yvette Elliott

 Inspiring Impactful Interactions 

Engaging Digital Analytics Executive, Speaker and Strategic Leadership Soft Skills Coach

Book Coaching



Speaker, host, moderator, workshop facilitator, skilled to capture and maintain the attention of your virtual or in-person audience

Thought Leader

Trusted source on digital analytics for managers and executives who seek proficient translation of data insights to P&L business terms


Inspiring women, BIPOC and college student audiences in STEM on career advancement and personal development

Yvette is a leader in knowledge and action in the digital marketing space. She has great ability to assess a situation, review alternatives and take the lead to implement new solutions, ahead of her time.

- CEO of a Digital Web Agency

Yvette Speaking

A Bit About Yvette

Yvette Elliott is the Chief Operating Officer at ClickInsight Corporation - a digital analytics consulting firm, an Adjunct Professor of digital marketing and personal & business development in a digital world courses at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Innovation, a strategic leadership soft skills coach and keynote speaker.

With over 20 years of award-winning experience in digital marketing, sales and business development,  Yvette mastered how to apply her signature combination of analytics driven insights with leadership soft skills to a range of business problems and experimented with a variety of different tools, systems and technologies to improve business results and raise employee engagement.  Her captivating communication style sparks action and determination with those who interact with her. 


She shines when translating technical results into business speak with executives as much as she does leading her teams at work, students in the classroom and participating in BIPOC not-for-profit committees.  Yvette personifies a growth mindset, is purpose driven and is strongly centered by her lead-by-example values.


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